March 5-6, 2019 | San Diego, CA


2018 Speaker Faculty


Jennifer Troia
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Assembly Biosciences

LEAP: “Innovating to transform integration, productivity and engagement.”

Angela Peters
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: "“Totally rethinking how we design work, set up functions and build skills.”

Sheela Krothapalli
Head of People Operations

LEAP: “Reimagining the role of the people function in the life sciences business of the future.”

Andy Porter
Chief People Officer
The Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT

LEAP: “Partnering with the competition to drive HR innovation and collaboration.”

Dorian Hirth
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Netkar Therapeutics

LEAP: “Inspiring top talent to stay by going beyond cash compensation.”

Alison Highlander
Vice President Human Resources
Silk Road Medical

LEAP: “Overhauling leadership development through innovative ‘learning pathways.”

Amy Buono
Head of Human Resources

LEAP: “Building a robust culture to steer you through adversity as effectively as through growth.”

Tory Martinez
Senior Director, Talent Development
BioMarin Pharmaceutical

LEAP: "Transforming talent development in a dynamic life sciences organization operating in a highly-competitive and fast-paced industry."

Stacy Markel
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Portola Pharmaceuticals

LEAP: “Redefining the role of HR in the transition from R&D to commercial delivery.”

Ken Boehm
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Aimmune Therapeutics

LEAP: “Rethinking compensation to retain talent in a highly competitive industry.”

David Flaherty
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Carving out a niche for our established pharmaceutical business to boost innovation.”

Vicky Gunvalson
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Questioning traditional thinking to transform HR impact across the business.”

Holly Chzanowski
Vice President Human Resources
aTyr Pharmaceuticals

LEAP: “Focusing on creating a positive and inclusive environment for all employees.”

Luan Wilfong
Vice President Human Resources
Revolution Medicines

LEAP: “Creating an employee experience that excites, engages and delivers a competitive edge.”

Connie Wedel
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Supporting women and underrepresented individuals into leadership.”

Nancy Worrell
Vice President Human Resources
Astex Pharmaceuticals

LEAP: “Completely transforming our compensation structure and total rewards system.”

Meribeth Germino
Principal Consultant

LEAP: “Transforming ‘whole’ leadership development to make a lasting impact.”

John Curran
Head of Global Talent Acquisition
Genomic Health

LEAP: “Introducing design thinking to create a human-centered approach to innovation.”

Andy Danforth
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Shaping culture to match the mission of a high growth Bio Pharma business.”

Ed Courtney
Division Vice President, Global Solutions – Life Sciences
Kelly OCG

Jocelyn Lincoln
Talent Supply Chain CoE
Kelly OCG

LEAP: "Transforming talent acquisition to help business prepare for the future of life sciences."

John Radford
Founder and Partner
Radford | Aon

LEAP: “Helping firms gain an edge in the competition to attract, engage and retain scientific talent.”

Meaghan Piscitelli
Associate Partner
Radford | Aon

LEAP: "Enabling life science firms to find, engage and keep vital talent.”

David Bowers
Vice President- North America

LEAP: “Helping biotech, device and tech stories grow via creative search and selection strategies."

Suruthi Bala
Global Community Director
Hanson Wade

LEAP: “Providing a platform to drive radical change through people.”