May 25-27, 2020 | San Francisco, CA


2019 Speaker Highlights


Mark Lipscomb
Vice President of People

Carrie Krehlik
Chief Human Resources Officer
Adicet Bio

LEAP: “Evolving our people strategies to manage the implications of total leadership & business transformation.”

Tom Lynch
Executive Vice President Human Resources
Orexigen Therapeutics

LEAP: “Creating a culture that is sustainable, scalable and endures even during rapid growth.”

Erin Campany
Head of Human Resources
Immune Design

LEAP: “Transforming leadership development to drive high-level accountability and collaboration.”

Ingrid Boyes
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Challenging traditional thinking around employee engagement in a business growing at warp speed.”

Tory Martinez
Senior Director Organizational Development

Joe Cronin
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Rethinking how we create career pathways in siloed organizations to boost engagement and slash attrition.”

Tracy Ting
Chief People Officer
Avanir Pharmaceuticals

LEAP: “Driving cultural change to boost accountability, transparency and employee empowerment.”

Renu Menezes
Head of Human Resources
Dart Neuroscience

LEAP: “Reimaging how we develop leaders to truly transform the impact of HR in life sciences.”

Nori Ebersole
Chief Human Resources Officer
Urovant Sciences

LEAP: “Rethinking our approach to talent in a highly-competitive candidates’ market.”

Jennifer Troia
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Assembly Biosciences

LEAP: “Reimagining the role of the CHRO in the life sciences business of the future.”

Connie Wedel
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Moving the needle on diversity with innovative evidence-based research and data.”

Matt Walter
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Transforming how we organize HR to deliver peak performance during rapid growth.”

Celeste Warren
Vice President Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer

LEAP: “Rethinking how we truly move the needle of D&I to boost HR’s impact on delivering better drugs to patients, faster.”

Sean Ristine
Vice President Human Resources
Heron Therapeutics

LEAP: “Transforming thinking around performance management to drive accountability and engagement.”

Julie Person
Vice President – Talent
Shire Pharmaceuticals

LEAP: “Building a more flexible culture fit of the life sciences business of the future.”

Struan Robertson
Vice President Global Human Resources

LEAP: “Overhauling the culture of a 20-year-old biotech to create a unified organization that thinks and feels as one.”

Michael Johnson
Vice President Human Resources
Abbott Laboratories

LEAP: “Totally rethinking how HR can ignite and sustain growth in a hyper-competitive industry.”

Howard Simon
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Challenging traditional thinking around how we do HR in life sciences.”

Andy Danforth
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Adamas Pharmaceuticals

LEAP: “Rethinking how we transform learning and development from the ‘ground-up’.”

Stacy Markel
Executive Vice President Human Resources
Rigel Pharmaceuticals

LEAP: “Placing innovation and experimentation at the heart of how we do HR in life sciences.”

Jamy Salazar
to Vice President, Talent Management and Acquisition

LEAP: “Transforming our approach to talent to build a powerful candidate experience.”

Stacy Solorio
Senior Director HR Operations
Atara Biotherapeutics

LEAP: “Taking on-boarding to the next level to maximize the cultural assimilation of new hires.”

Johanna Lucas
Senior Director – Talent Acquisition

LEAP: “Transforming our employer brand to attract vital next generation talent.”

Courtney Grafe
Associate Director, Talent Discovery

LEAP: “Planning for future talent in a rapidly evolving life sciences industry.”

John Radford
Founder and Partner
Radford | Aon

LEAP: “Helping firms gain an edge in the competition to attract, engage and retain scientific talent.”

Meaghan Piscitelli
Associate Partner
Radford | Aon

LEAP: "Enabling life science firms to find, engage and keep vital talent.”

Ed Courtney
Division Vice President, Life Sciences

Anna Auerbach
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Suruthi Bala
Global Community Director
Hanson Wade

LEAP: “Providing a platform to drive radical change through people.”